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Melissa Brotherton

Melissa, this was so awesome! You should submit it to Ungrind.org -- endurance is one of the upcoming themes. :)

I know that I am no where near ready to make a bike ride like that one, and there are times where I feel the same in my walk. We've got a pretty tough trek coming up in the next few months, and I can feel my legs begging to give out...but I'm going to keep on walking one step at a time! :)


What she said!!!

Oh that He would be strong in my weakness and receive all the glory!

Jan Cox

Okay I got exhausted reading about your trip. I would have said - STOP right now. Congratulations for enduring and winning. And yes there are many times when we have to think of endurance - in times when sickness strikes, when we feel too tired to do one more thing. It is in His strength that we can take the next step, and then the next step. Great post.

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