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Mela Kamin

Oh how I love this ... can't wait to see what God is going to do, indeed. Look at all He's already done! "Resurrecting my heart, emptying tombs of guilt, sadness and pain" - that is incredible! xoxo Blessed Easter to you & yours!


Oh I loved reading your beautiful words. I love this "On the third day, He resurrected. Here almost three years later, He is still resurrecting my heart, emptying tombs of guilt, sadness and pain. He is risen indeed." Very encouraging! Happy Easter!

Melissa Brotherton

I love how you look at your birthday as a special day for your mom as well. :) What a wonderful picture. And that you could turn to her in your time of need and she would bless you with such wise counsel...I love this Melissa! :)


I’m here from Bonnie’s today -- and this – this I am familiar with, “This brokenness. How will I ever put it back together again?” – and I’m just as familiar with this, “He is still resurrecting my heart” And a mom’s voice – mine is gone – but I know what you speak of – all of it so on – SO on.

God bless and keep you and all of yours.

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