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Tony Alicea

Great stuff Melissa! One thing I've learned as I studied the spirit of self-control is that it is just that, control of self. It says nothing about a spirit of "other" control.

Too many times we try to control others or control our circumstances. That's not what we're called to do. We're called to have control over our spirit, our heart, our responses. Control outside of that is rooted in fear...and we know what perfect love does. :)


Thanks for sharing, Melissa! I admire your heart behind your media-fast. Truth be told, that is a tough thing to do. I am certain you'll see God's blessing as a direct result of the increased and intentional focus because of that.

Control is a sticky thing, I think. There are so many things that we can't control that cause us to get discouraged/frustrated with what we can control. I believe at the heart of it, our self-control needs to be rooted in trust--a trust that God, ultimately is in control.


Wow Melissa. Good post. Very little is said today about self control. The ability to control oneself from our passions is a hard thing to do. Looking at society today it is very clear that people are lacking in this department. This is why I think that fasting is one of the most fruitful spiritual exercises given to us. It is a practice of self control. Many people think it is a way of "manipulating" God into giving us stuff. If we only knew that fasting is more about us, our passions, our perspective ourselves. Only when we know who we really are, can we come closer to understanding who He is.

Melissa Brotherton

Coming to the close on my first ever fast, I would have to agree with you, Moe. Fasting has proven itself to be way more about me than about getting God to give me what I want.

I love this statement: "Only when we know who we really are, can we come closer to understanding who He is."

Melissa Brotherton

Yes! Once we come to understand who God is and how God is, I feel that we will never be afraid to fully place ourselves in His hands. Thank you for adding that, Dustin! :)

Melissa Brotherton

How did you know I was controlling? :)

Your connecting control to fear is so right on. I hadn't thought of it in that light before. Thanks, Tony.

Melissa Brotherton

Melissa, thank you so much for opening up your site to me today, and your words are beyond kind and encouraging! :) Your place here is lovely, and the time and effort you put into these studies are so evident. You have a gift for sharing beauty and art with others, friend!


Youre welcome, but really thankyou, thank you, thank YOU!You bless me. Most of the people doing the study are not bloggers and I saw a few gals this morning and they were ministered by your post and really like what you shared. Just wanted you to know! It was also so neat to see your peeps lovin on you here. Youve formed such a great community. :) Book club, next week...I still get to kidnap you for a night, right?!


"Self-control is a work of the Holy Spirit in your life to control the self-will that sinfully resides within each of us."

Normally I would flinch at the mention of anything "self"-related when it comes to the things of our Father, but...you nailed this one, Melissa.

The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet helps me in situations where I discern my self-will getting uppity.

Just sayin'...

Good stuff, M.

Melissa Brotherton

Thanks, Donald! :)

Melissa Brotherton

Definitely! :) I'm looking forward to it. I need a little get-away time. Haha!

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