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Heidi Woodruff

When we are abiding in Christ our fruit will be evident. It's no coincidence that the word LOVE is listed first in the fruits. I think it shows the importance of love. Just like when you look at the back of a food package, for the ingredients, they are listed in order of how much of each ingredient is IN the food. In MY "package", my life, I also want "love" as my first ingredient!
In Christ, Heidi

Melissa Brotherton

I once heard a pastor say that his only regret was not teaching more about the love of God. It's the one thing we can not over emphasize or understand enough. It is bigger than we imagine, stronger than we think and FREELY ours. I have spent plenty of years trying to earn it, thinking I'd ended up outside of it and betting that I'd broken it.

Thank you for sharing your love journey here! It was so encouraging. :)


Hi Melissa,
Today, I heard this, " we are not called to define God, we are called to BEHOLD Him." WOW! Our only need is to reflect what is already around and within us. We are our worst distractions. Thank you, dear friend, for holding my hand as we look up, in awe, beholding His Majesty - the True Love. Dana


Heidi, I like your analogy! LOVE- the all encompassing, unfathomable, immeasurable ingredient of JESUS His love is all things-- all forgiveness, all mercy, all correction, all compassion, all indescribable! Thank you for your heart. Dana


Dana, I am blessed to call you my friend. I watched you as you walked through the storm this past year. I had the honor of praying for you, Rick & the girls. I have watched a miracle happen right before my eyes. Not just Ricks healing but the LORD taking HIS delicate flower called Dana & making her bloom when no sun was shining. He gave you a sweet scent when everything around you & your family stunk, He made someone who was pretty into HIS beautiful precious treasure. What you wrote touches me - thanks for sharing.


Eve, you are a precious gift to my heart. Father has surely blessed us with grace upon grace! It's all for Him.

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