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I need to cultivate ALL of these aspects more and more in my walk, but if I had to choose one that I would ask God to work in and through me it would be LOVE.

Knowing and Living in Christs Love. Giving without expectation because "the love of Christ compels me..."


I am continuing to just love this study! Thank you thank you! If I consider my heart as a landscape, I am being more and more convicted that I need to surrender ALL the real estate to Him - for His plowing, His planting, His purpose. That truth is hitting me hard. I want to, and then I don't want to - I totally confess my tendency to fence off little sections -- futile "gardens" where I want to cultivate and mull over my own "stuff"... never becomes more than a barren wasteland and yet I continue to furiously till and toil in that place to absolutely no avail. My prayer is that I would allow Him access to all of it - that I could totally surrender my entire heart to Him. The Holy Spirit and my Self are not going to co-exist there - He deserves and requires the whole entire property. That's what I need to cultivate most. Total and complete surrender.


I didnt get a chance to respond last week, but it really blesses me that God is blessing YOU through this study. I think I will be learning about surrender for my entire life, but I do know that Joy comes from surrendering our all to Him. I love that Jesus says He came to make our joy in Him complete! Praying alongside you, today friend!


Reviewing the study, "Firmly rooted" and the armor of God, I was challenged to evaluate the question," Which piece of the spiritual armor do I need to wear the most?" This was a good exercise , because the Lord has been impressing me with the need to be in His Word so that I will know what scripture applies to the current battle, so I can lift up my shield of faith when confronted by satan.
I have been a "scaredy cat" most of my life and need to calm my fears with the shield of faith and to have victory through using the sword of the Spirit, which is God's Word.
The Narnia series has provided a good visual of battles we face in the Christian life, I want to grow in my faith so that the Lord is glorified in my life.

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