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Your study is a blessing. . .I see God pruning away at me quite a bit lately. I've been stripped of much of my work forcing me to COMPLETLEY rely on Him for everything. Much of my time the past couple of months has been discovering who our Lord is along with learning about the most amazing promises He has for us if we (as you reminded me today)abide in Him. Thank you God Bless!

Mela Kamin

Great question - where is God asking you to bear fruit? There's a lot of pruning going on at our house & I'm finding it easy to get caught up in visions of bearing fruit somewhere "out there," but it's the times when I say "yes" to my family and the hard things of daily life that I hope strip me of my pride, impatience, bitterness and lack of showing grace. Beautiful teaching & truth, Melissa - thank you for your faithfulness to point to Him in all things.


Thank you for sharing Vera. He is our Rock to lean and rely on! I cant tell you how many times my husband and I are just beyond amazed at how God has proven faithful. We dont have huge blessings drop on our doorstep, but the quiet, timely, specific ways God ministers have shown us just how GREAT He is...He is always watching, always guarding, always keeping....


Thank YOUMiss Mela. Did you know I was visiting your blogthe other day? :)I, too, (constantly) need to remind myself, Im following Jesus, not a ministry. If I am just following Him, it wont matter where He places me (or doesnt place me). As long as I abide, remain, stay planted in Him...

Melissa Brotherton

God is cutting away the dead left and right in my life, as well as the things that will lead to death. It has been painful, but what you said today reminds me that not only is the pruning important to remove the deadly, but the purpose is to produce more fruit! Now I'm excited to see what the fruit from this period of pruning will look like! :)


Im excited too!Because not only do I see the cutting away but I see you making an effort to surrender to it, even if its hard to do or doesn't quite feel like surrender. Heeding that still small voice of God to make changes in your life is allowing Him to prune you because you know it honors Him. I really know God has some great things planned for you and your gifts of writing,encouragement and exhortation...I'm sure there's more gifts, but thats what I see shining through!!!

P.S. Um, did I see you attached to a chain link fence, today? I drove by your casa..... ;)


Thank you for this clear word! How faithful is He who has begun a GOOD work in us! I too, look back and see now what and where Father had "thinned" my plans, priorities, opinions- what i "thought i understood", what i held worthy. This is beyond exciting. I don't know that I like so much the younger me- the "old" me.
It is hard though, to have teeth yanked without novocaine. Some roots of evil are just a bit too deep. I am so grateful He never stops. Trial is not much different, so it seems. Whether our own sinful leading causes us to arrive in the hands of the Fine Cutter or allowable hardship of His divine circumstance..it seems the same-- equally hard, but, to believe ALWAYS, it is for my best, to be His best, is the whole point! (no pun intended). Thank You my God, my Lord, my Father, my Vinedresser. I love You! May we all be given His grace to trust and endure the surgery of the soul.


The reminder that the Lord prunes the branch so that it will bear more fruit gave a comforting perspective to times of suffering that we face. God will bring forth fruit from what seems like a wasted time, where suffering has caused a paralyzing inactivity that allows a person to focus on communing with the Lord, because they can't do any thing else. These times often become the sweetest times of our life, although we are always glad to be whole and functioning. At these times, as our study brought out I (the vine am being held in the Father's (the Vinedresser's hands). What a lovely picture. This will be an encouragement for future prunings! :)

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