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i just typed a really long comment...and i think it got deleted. :-/ so, i'm going to see if i'm crazy and post this. and...see if i'm crazy.


youre crazy! haha!

ooooh, i hate when that happens, im sorry friend!


okay, so i already typed this out once, but that is a crazy awesome story and one of those things that only God could have done. it amazes me when He does stuff like that! so cool!

that same thing kind of happened to me this past wednesday night. i work with our 'youth' (7th - college) and our youth pastor always says "there are adults all around the room who would love to talk to you (about salvation, about troubles, about whatever)" and i was always praying in my head, Lord, i'll talk to someone about something all. day. long. but don't send me anyone that wants to talk about salvation (i know, i'm ridiculous, forgive me), and no one ever came to me. like, no one.

than this past wednesday night, something was different. after the message i was praying, Lord, SEND. ME. SOME. ONE. PLEASE. i was READY. during the invitation this little college girl who has been visiting for the past few months motioned towards me and we went in the back and spoke about Jesus and salvation and what that means and looks like and while she didn't accept Christ right then and there (she thinks she's been saved, but doesn't know for sure), i saw it as nothing more than God answering that barely whispered prayer in a HUGE way in my life and just thought, wow, You can do anything.

i love it when He works like that! so neat to see how faithful and true God is! :)

thanks for sharing this beautiful post melissa!


thank you! yes, the subtle signs and wonders of our days are captivating me most right now...and i love your prayer! totally made me laugh! but how neat of God to change your heart and prepare you to share with that college girl...He is so active in our lives and he used YOU to plant more seeds. We whisper to Him and He sends a gentle breeze. i guess it all comes down to us being able to see His faithfulness.

Melissa Brotherton

What a beautiful story and how wonderful that it was captured on film. I love how God gives us those moments that seem so insignificant, but that stay with us for years to come. :)


i know...i seem to remember these little moments most...wait...i only have little moments with God....oh, well, you know what i mean! still small voice! ;)

p.s. did you get my email about the writers conference? i have no idea how im going, expect to sell my daughters softball candy and start a fund! haha! but it looks awesome!


What an extraordinary story, Melissa! Yes, you are the brave one, lady. What courage that must have taken...what faith! You are such a good daughter. Now I am wondering about the boy...and what kinds of fruit grew from that seed you planted...


Thank you Laura. I distinctly remember being on the mission field means having to completely rely on the Holy Spirit...and oh, how I wish I would live in that everyday! And yes, I often wonder about the boy. I never got his name, but God knows His name and every once in awhile, when I remember, I do pray for Him...

tracie stier-johnson

melissa, thank you for sharing this beautiful story! beautiful reminder that God KNOWS us, loves us, cares for us and HEARS us!!

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