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i don't have a word, but i just want to press on in becoming more like Him.


pressing on to be more like Him is a sweet life resolve! may you continue to abide in Him! Happy New Year!


this is beautiful! just beautiful...

Melissa Brotherton

I felt this same way last year. And I love that you are so self-aware. In many ways what God is telling me is a continuation of what He's been speaking to me the last six months. You're doing a great job, Melissa! You might feel like no one sees, but as a fellow SAHM I am aware of the things you are doing for your children and sacrificing for your family. God bless you, friend!


Thank you, Mel B! Yes, painfully self aware! Gods been showing me for awhile to surrender to Him. I was talking to Noel last night how even our quiet prayer time while the girls are asleep strengthens their walk. I may never see results of some of the (hard) decisions we have made to honor the Lord, but its simply about living for Him. Hell cause the growth and keep my girls in His hand. My job is to...well, just be faithful!

tracie stier-johnson

beautiful, true, inspiring ... and faithful! just what i needed to read this morning ...


I truly love this. God spoke to me through this post. I have not really set any goals (resolutions) this year. I mean I have things in my mind and my heart that I want to accomplish but I every time I sat down to write I just can't. I was wrestling with this. Wanting to know why. But this morning as I was doing something I felt like He was telling me to just embrace my life at right where He has me. And to just focus on enriching those areas and press on.

The word Press and Continuw has been coming to me for the last month. I needed this confirmation. Thanks.


I love this. This has confirmed to me that is what the Lord has been laying on my heart.

To embrace where I am at and enrich the things I already do.


What a blessing, Chrissy!Thank you for sharing this with me. And yes, sometimes God tells us to remain and that is sometimes harder (at least for me) than doing thenew thing. Ill be praying for you...that God continues toestablish the work of your hands.

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