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Oh my gosh I totally love these! Do you ever participate in Sara's YOU:create thursday?(Gitzengirl.blogspot.com) - you totally should - these are amazing!

Melissa Brotherton

What a wonderful idea! :) And those tags are amazing!


Love it! Thanks for helping to keep Jesus in Christmas :)

Nora Urich

wow cool tags Melissa.. at least with these no one will know who wrote Jesus name.. haha.. but regardless who writes it, Jesus is always the gift giver.. Love this idea.. :D


Of COURSE you love this idea, Mom! It was YOURS, silly! Heehee!

Sarah Markley

love it love it love it!! =)


I love this idea too. And so wish we hadn't started Santa because once you do you're sort of trapped into it. But I believe we can add your tradition as well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift tags. I hope you're well!


I think it's never too late to start or even set aside a few gifts that are from Jesus, using James 1:17 as a starting point.

Joyce D.

Love this and I totally did this... Thanks for this precious story!

Nora Urich

lol but I didn't have a computer in those days. hahaaaaa!!!! ;)

Lisa notes...

What a beautiful, beautiful tradition! And so honest. I love it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tags with us. You are special!


Awesome, Joyce! My kids have shared with friends at school and its just another small way to share the Lord with those around us. Merry Christmas!


Exacttttttly and you thought you were being all sneaky! I was on to you, Mom. But thats okay. I knew that you knew that I knew it was truly from Jesus. Haha!


Thanks, Lisa! Its so sweet to teach our kids to know the Lord and the gifts He brings us. Merry Christmas, friend.


What an amazing tradition! What a lesson to be sewn into young hearts! Thank you for sharing!


Beautiful. Wow -- this is such a great idea. I love how it reinforces what we've tried to teach our kids all year -- that every gift comes from God. LOVE. IT.


This is so beautiful! The story, the tags, the legacy - all so very beautiful. Wow!


Thank you so much, Jeri. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas season!

Bonnie Gray | FaithBarista

Dear Melissa,

I wanted to make sure I circle back here and thank you for adding this gem of a post to the jam last week -- as you can see, so many of the faith jam bloggers were blessed by how you Unwrap Jesus - incl. me.

Thank you for being a part of God's blessing this year. Keep pouring your words of faith -from an honesty that comes from a love to lift others.

Merry Christmas, Melissa!

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