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Modern Reject

This made me think of expectations but more so the expectations we place on others. When people don't do as we think they should, how do we respond? And if we sin against them, how quick are we to seek forgiveness as Madelyn did?

This was a beautiful analogy. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Brotherton

So sweet! If only we all could be as forgiving and vulnerable with each other. :) Thanks for sharing this. And, looking forward to Friday night!


Nicole - YES!That is exactly what I was thinking when the situation occurred. How oftenwe put people on pedestals and then get upset when they dont meetour needs and expectations...When we discover our needs are first and foremostmet and completely fufilled in Christ, we are free to love others just as they are without setting unrealistic boundariesthat only reap disappointment...a very tough thing to do!


MelB - I know....Faith like a child, right? Forgiveness is a beautiful thing and wecan never do it enough. How sad when relationships are torn apart because of the unwillingness to surrender our pride.I havebeen on both sides of the fence in my marriageand I can learnso much for my kiddles.SO looking forward to Friday, too! ;)

Amy Sullivan

Oh, I'm often guilty of replaying those soundtracks when I should just turn them off. I loved this story of your girls...it so reminds me of mine.

Nora Urich

awwwah what a precious story.. brought tears to my eyes. To see one disappointed not getting what she expected, and the other not able to do what she expected would be pleasing. Both were hurt in different ways. What a blessing to see they were able to come together make amends through repentance and forgiveness. Demonstrating the greatest gift.. LOVE!

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