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Melissa Brotherton

Oh man. This hurts my heart. I am currently in a position where I yell to loud, anger too quickly and discipline more because of my hurt pride than because of the need to teach. How did you change that about yourself? Was it solely the work of the Spirit or was it something along with that? I appreciate your honesty here and know that God has used it to get my attention on a subject I've been pushing aside all week. This was so what I needed to hear to realize that God is definitely trying to create a change in how I raise my children.

Melissa Runcie | Madabella

Oh Sister Friend...I know how hard it all can be especially when they are little and life is just overwhelming. I have little energy to respond right now, so I'll come back tomorrow. ;) But I just asked my husband, "Am I an angry mom like I used to be?" I wanted to be sure my perspective was also the reality of what he saw in me. He said, "God no! Are you kidding me?!" Haha...So I am going to pick his brain a bit, think about it and come back to respond. ;)

First and most importantly, I'm praying for you, friend and hopefully we can see each other soon! ;)


It takes so much as a mom to be able to change patterns that have developed, so I soooo commend you for allowing God to work in your heart like this. The work you are doing on your heart is a gift you are giving to your girls...


oh crying crying.. as a short fuse is my largest area of conviction right now...

wishing I too wasn't the glaring, yelling mom....

I have to go right now and add this little spot to my feed.. I forget about it all to often.

miss you friend and love how honest your heart is.. thank you for this today.

Nora Urich

ohhh Melissa.. this touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes to see the love sister to sister in defense. So precious is the love that would come and defend us. It is the love Jesus has for us as he defends us against the accusations of Satan our enemy. Praise God that he also forgives us when we fall short which by the way is most likely everyday.
We learn so many lessons through our children. I remember the lessons He taught me for sure. Such a blessing to grow and see things the way God sees them. Its not always easy and some circumstances are so difficult, but He always gets us through it and doesn't give us more than we can handle without making a way of escape.
I thank the Lord that He loves us enough to chastise.
You are an inspiration and encouragement of Gods work in all our lives.
Thank you. :)

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