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beautiful list and it is obvious that you are intentional about seeing God's encouragement all around!

Melissa Brotherton

You have been a huge encouragement to me this week. :) The interactions we've had make me even more excited to get together. Also, the things you shared in your series on anger have been with me. The encouragement of knowing I'm not alone and I can change have already made a differencr in me. Have a great day today. :)

Kristen@Moms Sharpening Moms

Beautiful, awe-inspiring. Him and your words!

This blessed me today...thank you!


Wow; what a beautiful post! I have to say that the words you wrote and your faith have encouraged me as I read it.

Thank you for joining in on the Faith Barista Jam.

Blessings and love,

Bonnie Gray | FaithBarista

You are a great encourager, Melissa! May God's Spirit continue to touch you through the people in your life. It's wonderful you have the heart and eyes to see them and have their names etched in your thoughts.


Melissa! You should have warned me to grab a kleenex. Thank you! This has been a hard week and its amazing how God touches down and not only encourages us toward him, but uses us as vessels in the process. So unworthy and yet chosen to be his instruments. Still baffles me, really. See you soon.


Thank you, Kristen! As much as I fight it, its a blessing to look beyond my own problems and trials to see the beauty Hes placed all around. My usual mode of encouragement islistening to worship. So the face God chose peoplewas definitely unexpected. He isawe-inspiring indeed...


What a beautiful and heartfelt list. I'm sure you also are a blessing to many.

Charissa Steyn

this is beautiful. jesus has been encouraging me this week. i love it when he knows exactly what i need. and the community of friends and family that he has put around me are an incredible source of joy and love for me too!


this is absolutely beautiful melissa! and i totally agree with charissa above. Jesus has been so encouraging to me this week. He's brought to mind scripture right when i needed it.

and also, your gift that you link above. i don't think you realize how encouraged i was when you posted them the other day and how completely serious i was about handing them out. three ladies at work have printed them out for themselves and one printed them out and wrapped them for a friend who's husband passed away this week. i gave them to our youth pastor's wife wednesday night and she had tears in her eyes over how beautiful they were. i just printed out 6 more copies because i know people who need them. YOU'VE been an encouragement this week. through these cards. crazy good encouragement.

so...thanks :) i appreciate it more than you know.


Rebekah- Overwhelmed right now. Truly grateful for your words. Would you believe this week I struggled with BEING an encouragement....or knowing HOW to encourage? God unexpectedly put me in a situation this week and I so distinctly heard "Compassion".I'm still working on it and praying about how to be an encourager who loves with compassion. So your virtual hug is a sweet blessing from God right now. Thank you!

Amy Sullivan

This is SO well written. I mean the first sentence in itself is amazing. I liked you before, but now I'm subscribing :)


Amy! You had me laughing a bit! In all the right ways, I have to warn you, I have been a one hit wonder in MANY things, so hopefully you stick with me in good writing and bad! Haha!Kidding. :)

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