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Thank you so much for sharing these. I can think of at least 3 friends I am going to gift these to:)


Blessings Melissa, Thank you so much for these beautiful LOVE NOTES!!! What a beautiful idea!
I so love personalizing scripture! The birds are precious and the verses are awesome! So thankful that the Author & Finisher of our faith wove our names into each story & even
inscribed them on His hands to our hearts from your heart. Thank you! I really needed this encouragement and I believe I have others that I can bless also with these... thinking how I can put them in to Spanish!

Love & hugs,


These are so beautiful...your little birdie was right! How did you know? thank you, sweet friend for sharing such beauty and encouragement.

in the hush of the moon

oh melissa... how thoughtful. how beautiful. how needed, tonight. thank you, friend. xo


These are beautiful Melissa, thank you so much! Already excited for the people I can give them to!


These are beautiful and I know just who I am going to give these to next week. How generous of you to share - thanks!


Thanks for sharing these... I absolutely adore them. So much so that I want to pass them on with Christmas gifts this year (to friends).
Much love!!!

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe

very cool!!

L.L. Barkat


I read the bible as a love letter. Sometimes it's a bit dramatic! :)


absolutely beautiful!


Thank you, Ladies! They make perfect gifts indeed!


These are absolutely FABULOUS!!! I'm over from (in)courage and I can't stop sharing this link!! (Just sent it to 10 other ladies in my office, posted it on my sister's FB wall, etc.)

I really thought of my sister when I read these. She's a missionary in the Philippines and I just thought how I could make her up a batch and send them to her and I KNOW she'd find them so encouraging!!

Thanks so much for this Melissa!


Awesome idea! I love to have little reminders of all the ways God loves us. Just precious...


These are beautiful! I love the idea of love notes from God... how sweet! :)


Thank you for creating these beautiful notes! I'm going to make a set for my friend's birthday - they will be just perfect for her. God bless!


Yay,Crystal!Hope your friend likes them!


popped over her from your encouragement post and THANK YOU these are adorable and I am SO looking forward reading one a day :)


ThankYOU, Katy! I was encouraged by these love notes when I received them from a friend, too.I saw her todayand shared how her gift is still giving. Its a blessing! And thanks for twitter-ing. it. (Is that how you say it?)


love love love these.. just printed a bunch.

thanks Melissa.



Arent they fun? :) So glad you can use them to bless people! You are good at that already. :)


I just saw these... thanks so much for offering them for us to use and to gift others with. I love them and they're so perfect for a few people in my life.

Heidi Woodruff

Beautiful. I will be sharing these on my blog today. Thank you! Blessings, Heidi

Amy Fenner

Thank you so much for sharing these and all of the other things you've offered. I'm just now finding your blog, so I wasn't able to use them for Christmas gifts (or at least not for the "on time" ones, but I'll still be taking advantage of these for the rest of the year for little gifts for friends and loved ones.


You are so sweet Amy! And glad you visited my neck of the woods!


Thank you so much for sharing these! I just said a short prayer to Our Lord tonight that I need something very special to share with my "special friends at Christmas this year something to put in their little "treasure" boxes that I am altering - what better than love notes from Him!!! Your cards are answered prayer! Just thought you should know :)

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