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Lisa-Jo @thegypsymama

Girl - you can write - seriously, you paint one heck of a picture. Love it. So powerful. Thank you for the fantastic image!


Nora Urich

Wonderful analogy and words of expression. I feel the Lord will use you in a mighty way. All Glory to God! :)
Thank you for sharing an amazing life changing experience.

Mela Kamin

powerful words to meditate on ... thank you for using your shaking to bring us these words of calm


Poignant post.

There are tremors and shakings all over my life - personally, emotionally, spiritually, in my marriage....

"My own decisions paved the way for disaster."
Sounds true to form, doesn't it?

Thanks for this ....

in the hush of the moon

oh, this gives me shivers. his holy presence is so healing... thank you for this.


I just read your "about" section and am taken in. What a beautiful intersection this is and I am glad to have crossed it today.

And this...this story. It brings me to my knees also. I know this story well. The earthquakes always leave us shaking, no? But the story is not over. i'm looking forward to turning the page...


I love this post and your writing.

Faith Barista | Bonnie

Girl, I'm with Lisa-Jo. Girl, you can write.
Not just with your words, but from the story you have lived and are living now.

You know what faith tastes like and you're walking in it now.

Thank you so much for adding to the "Goal Addiction" post today, Melissa. I just posted a reply but wanted to say how much I appreciated the company. ;)

Sandra Heska King

Oh. Wow. From the title to the trust. I want to live out from underneath the table.


Karen Lange

I agree with you and Sandra - living under the table is where I want to be! Good post.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today; so nice to meet you. Look forward to reading your thoughts. :)

Blessings for your week,



How I can relate to your words. I am speechless. Thank you for this post.

I'm so happy to find your blog today!

in His precious, unfailing love,
~ melscoffeebreak.blogspot.com ~

The Scooper

Thank you for your kind words today at Emily's. So many of us share this story. The names, places, and details may change but the antagonist of the story never does. Marriage is a battlefield. I appreciate your encouragement to pray, pray, and pray some more.


Awesome Melissa ... you truly have a gift ... and I know you are using it for His glory! Press on dear one ... Hugs


I've read this now twice this week... came over from Chatting at the Sky on one read, and read it on my own earlier this week.

This has encouraged me now twice this week :) thank you :)

oh and p.s. what everyone else said.. girlfriend you can WRITE!

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