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Melissa Brotherton

God has been speaking this message to me lately. I am so eager to move forward to the next thing He has for us, and instead He's telling me to be present. When the Israelites were exiled in Babylon, instead of telling them what He would do to get them out of there, He told them to put down roots. Sometimes I feel like I want God to rescue me from a situation where He wants me to remain. Also, putting down roots implies I'm growing. He's not just keeping me there for the fun of it, He intends growth from me while I'm there. I'm excited for your series! :)

And...I was just texting you. Hahah!


I often want to move from where He has me...but then I reflect on the past and remember that I grow more when I stay put and let Him lead.

Nora Urich

This is inspiring.. God has shut one door and now I am looking for a new door to open. Each new step is new growth. And while we are waiting I know we will be growing where we are planted. Lots to learn right here right now. His timing is always perfect. :)


Great Scripture verses to go along with such a powerful post. This has filled my heart. Thank you. Blessings.


Yes, Mom! Youare in the midst ofthis now -God is digging deep roots for you andI know will you be blessed forfaith in perserving! You are always ashining example to me and I am blessed by you.


JBR - Thank you. Im glad you were ministeredthrough Godsword.Thank you so muchfor visiting!


Blessings Melissa...Looking FORWARD to 2011 being PLANTED!
Looks like a great way and your Bible studies are always so well rounded and shared! I am starting BREAKING FREE
but if time permits, I will love to be a part of this too!

Thank you for this wonderful incentive and wonderful scripture to start planting seeds for us to GROW!

I am blessed as always.


Melissa... I was wondering if you have a button made for PLANTED? I know it's a while from now but I added in words only below your other two, saying it's coming and it's be better as a button... plus your buttons are so beautiful and YOU!

May you have a blessed and joyful New Year!
Let me know when you get your button so I can replace my words...

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