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i often find God among nature...when i allow myself to be still and take it in...away from distraction...so easy to lose in the hustle and bustle...

wonderful pics and grateful for your reminder...smiles.

my imperfect prose

Bethany Ann

i've been there. i know what you're talking about. thanks.


"Gently the dagger released without puncturing the soul." Faithful are the wounds of a friend...thank you for the reminder.

 JoAnn, who loves jackrabbits, don't you?

I love this post, so challenging, so Word filled, AND there was an adorable jackrabbit. Yes, it has it all :)


Love it. I am a desert dweller myself, and your photos look oddly like home to me. It's amazing how God reframes "normal" definitions of beauty. I often stare in wonder at the rocks and mountains, just imagining the magnitude of the Hand that formed them, placed them purposely. Beautifully written.


oh wow - this is so beautifully written - and the pictures are just breath-taking - i enjoyed every single line...

deb @ talk at the table


in the hush of the moon

oh, this is beautiful. i love the idea of walking on rocks of ages... there are so many good lines in this. and thank you for the challenge to remember: his goodness. love to you, friend. thank you for linking up today. e.


Your photos and words spoke volumes.
I do believe if something truly touches us deep within, we don't forget it.
I can still see the beauty of Ireland and appreciate the rawness of Conemara and the timelessness of ancient stone walls. It's a trip that resonated within and still lives there.


this week has been challenging with a death in the family, a family crisis and our beloved pastor resigning. my heart has questioned God's goodness. your post reminds me that i have forgotten the wonders. i need to remember how i know that God is truly good.


the photo shots are simply breathe taking.
Happy Thursday!
I love your style!


Thank you for sharing your photos and your words. Much to think about.


you so took me on a journey with you... a different kind of creation beauty than we saw when we were in St. Thomas, but no less breathtaking... thanks for showing me the expansive wonder of God's creation in the rocks and trees... so pretty!

Michelle DeRusha

Love these pictures of Joshua Tree -- I was there several years ago and was completely enamoured.

And yes, I forget and forget and forget. That's why I return to the Word so frequently. He reminds me.


So beautifully written. Your descriptions were captivating, and the sudden "forgetfulness" too familiar. So thankful that "if we are faithless, he will remain faithful" (2 Tim 2:13).

Nora Urich

I enjoyed your beautiful photos, and you sharing the goodness and creative wonders of our Lords handiwork. Good reminder of us to take time and look at all the natural creations and see Gods majestic beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for this post.

Faith Barista | Bonnie

This post is a poetry of pictures, truth, and beauty. So refreshing to the soul, Melissa!

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